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Writer Highway Membership

Your membership of the Writer Highway (included in your course or coaching package payment) includes:

  • A place in a supportive writing community where you can meet other writers and make new friends

  • Priority details of a continuing programme of writing courses, all offering opportunity for writing progression

  • Priority opportunities for one to one guidance tailor made for your needs

  • Entry to two social events and two open mic events per term as standard
    (occasional small contribution to venue hire required)

  • A termly Members’ newsletter and Writer Highway online magazine

  • Further support in computer skills and performance skills

  • A focus on you as an individual with your own goals and definition of writing success

  • Opportunities to build confidence, address issues and improve your wellbeing.

  • A flourishing volunteer scheme with opportunity for you to contribute to the future development of the Writer Highway and to help fellow members

  • Website access to an exclusive Members area

Membership is automatic for each term you pay a course or coaching package fee. If you are interested in our writing courses or coaching sessions, please go to the contact page to make an enquiry.

Membership: Welcome

Why join The Writer Highway?

• To be inspired to write

• For fun, friendship and support

• For connection and caring

• For motivation and goal setting

• To raise your mood, stimulate your mind

• To join open mics to increase your confidence

This is what our members say…

"I have met people from several walks of life different from my own, and share mutual interests and respect. Although not originally from this country, I have always felt I belong in this community."

"Being a member of The Writer Highway is creative, enjoyable and fun, and an opportunity to keep learning. 

I become so absorbed in creating that my insecurities take a back seat."

"I am so happy to have become part of the Writer Highway. I find it challenging, inspiring and such great fun. It is wonderful to be with so many talented, inspiring and generous, warm-hearted people."

"The Writer Highway helps me connect with others, introduces me to new people, gives me something to focus on, plan and prepare for, allows me to consider my own world and that of others, distracts me from difficulties and gives me space to be creative."

"It is interesting to see how people’s writing changes and grows in an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement. I am proud to belong to it."

Membership: Text
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