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One-to-One Support for Writers

Cathy Grindrod is a trained mentor and life coach. She works with individual writers one to one and tailors sessions to each client’s particular writing requirements. Sessions can be booked alongside or instead of Writer Highway course participation.

One to one work can be used to:

• take stock of your writing life 

• set goals and gain information and advice about opportunities

• support you to undertake or finish a particular writing project

• gain extra writing tuition in particular area

• gain detailed feedback on pieces of writing

• gain an overview of a few pieces and discuss potential areas for development

• support you with performance techniques or reading aloud

• build confidence or discuss areas of difficulty

All one to one sessions consider your writing and any writing-related issues in the context of your own individual and unique needs and wider life balance.

It is also possible to book a standard coaching package, which can be adapted to your particular needs.

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Single Coaching Session


Coaching Package 1


Coaching Package 2


Full Mentoring Package


Manuscript Reading

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"An active listener, creative, engaging, intuitive, supportive and bold, a natural coach and great at eliciting goals and supporting goal setting."

"I found the session life changing and am grateful for your candid and practical approach. Your listening skills and ability to clarify issues using things I said were incisive and liberating."

"I feel far more positive and have a clearer idea of my capabilities, rather than focusing on my limitations. I feel more confident and have made new contacts."

"You gave me freedom to express and explore important issues and enabled me to see my situation more clearly. It’s been an incredibly useful

and rewarding experience."

"[Cathy] is approachable, unfailingly professional and is an example of how it is possible to lead a writer’s life in the real world."

"The possible ways forward you suggested were realistic, specific and personal and will make a huge difference to how I proceed, but more importantly,

to how I feel about that."

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